Responsible Gaming

JAZZ Casino CARES for its Players

Responsible gaming, or responsible gambling refers to a set of initiatives introduced by the gambling industry in recent decades, intended for the promotion of fairness in gambling activities, and the spread of the global consciousness in regards to the pervasive harms of gambling addiction.

JAZZ Online Casino, in virtue of its role as a seasoned veteran in the virtual casino industry, is 100% committed to the norms proposed by the responsible gambling initiatives, and it will pledge its resources and daily efforts to help combat the evils of gambling addiction.

If YOU, or someone you love is currently battling with the disease, keep in mind that THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT, and that the online community offers valuable resources to help keep it under control.

Feel free to reach out to JAZZ Casino Online Help. Our sensible support staff will gladly guide you through the necessary steps to get yourself on the right path to a successful and full recovery.

Likewise, JAZZ Casino will always stand for the best practices of fairness, as applied to its wide range of online casino games. If you have any questions or wish to obtain more information pertaining to responsible gambling protocols, just hit the LIVE CHAT, or call us toll-free at 1-866-996-6717