The beloved game of chance, commonly known as Roulette in casino jargon, was introduced in France before the times of the French Revolution, and it has remained one the more-popular and refined casino-game attractions ever since. JAZZ Casino Roulette games come packed with all the exciting graphics and high payouts, keeping up with the best standards of the world’s finest video game developers.

What versions of Roulette games are available at JAZZ Casino?

Online Roulette games are just like the real-life ones, coming in three game versions; these are American, European and French. These three differ in very few aspects, but those differences can truly change the way you enjoy the game. JAZZ Casino offers most popular online Roulette game versions by the world’s leading game developers.

What are the Pros and Cons of playing Roulette?

There are no Pros or Cons in playing Roulette, to be precise. Ultimately, it all depends on what the player is actually looking for. For instance, the American version of the Roulette game features a double-zero, which effectively decreases your winnings odds by adding one more number to the original French version, which consists of 37 numbers.

How do I choose which Roulette game to play?

KNOW your Roulette Wheel before you play! – Learning about the subtle differences between the three different online Roulette game options is key to choosing the right one for you. Beginners should probably opt for the single-zero French or European Roulette versions, as they offer more favorable odds and slightly better pay rates.

Are there any live dealer Roulette games at JAZZ Casino?

SPIN IT LIVE, with JAZZ Casino Live Roulette! – See the ball spinning LIVE at your favorite online Roulette table, accompanied by a beautiful -or handsome- Roulette live dealer. Partake in delightful conversation while you try your luck at our many Live Roulette game iterations.

What are the deposit and withdrawal options for Roulette?

JAZZ Casino’ Cashier features all the popular deposit and cash-out alternatives available in the online market. Players can use their favorite credit card, wire funds safely via direct money transfers or simply move Bitcoin directly to -and- from your e-wallet account. Feel free to contact our customer support team to obtain help with our deposit/payout methods & policies.

Are there any bonuses for playing Roulette?

You DESERVE a Bonus, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! – JAZZ Casino’s exceptional promotional program features a unique Weekly Bonus system, which awards players with juicy bonuses every single day of the week. Pay a quick visit to our Bonus Page to find out more about our current program. *Restrictions apply.